About Scripea

SCRIPEA D.O.O. is a company founded in 2008 whose main activities are :

– management and maintenance of residential and commercial buildings

– supervision and maintenance of houses and apartments.

Company headquarter is in Škrip and is entirely privately owned.

Since its establishment until today, we have achieved remarkable results in both activities. In addition to contract management and maintenance of most of the apartment buildings on the island, and because of our sincere performance and work, we got confidence of the majority of Local Government Units and we were chosen for  forced manager of residential buildings in their areas (by the Croatian Law).

Thus, the “The conclusion on the determination of forced manager of buildings” adopted following Local Government Units:

  • Municipality Bol
  • Municipality Postira
  • Municipality Sutivan
  • City Supetar

“The conclusion on the determination of forced manager of buildings” refers only to the co-owners in buildings that aren’t concluded their Mutual Agreement, i.e. didn’t choose building-manager and authorized co-owners representative and haven’t agreed on the amount of monthly reserves and the method of collecting the same.

Buildings in the contractual management system we also have in other Brač Local Government Units, not only in aforementioned.

We hope that, with our work and efforts in the present and the future, we’ll gain confidence  of a large number of co-owners and manage with more  residential buildings, supervise and maintain a large number of houses and apartments, all in order to improve our business and in the same time to owners provide pleasure of residence and their rights and the protection of their property increase to a higher level.



  • building management basics;
  • building maintenance;
  • the legal rights in managing;


  • supervising and maintaining of houses and apartments on shorter periods (temporary absence of the owner);
  • supervising and maintaining ofhouses and apartments on longer periods (long absence of the owner).