Management of buildings

NOTE: The text related to the building management isn’t entirely translated into English language because it’s mostly related to the legal acts of Republic of Croatia. However, if in attached letters recognize some of Your problems, please contact us without obligation through the attached contact data and we’ll try to solve them in direct contact.

Dear lodgers,
if you want uniform participate in costs maintenance building through yours delegate, call us and thogether organizate house managing and maintenance. You need to have agreement lodgers who have minimaly 51% of total appartmens area in building, and than low obligate also the rest of lodgers. If You want more information, please contact us.

Looking forward to future cooperation, SCRIPEA d.o.o.


Respected clients!
In your apartment house you may be faced with the problems like: roof maintenance, gutter cleaning, entrance and stairway cleaning, facade maintenance, urgent interventions, tenants´ agreement on mutual interests connected with your apartment house etc. You are kindly asked to read this text very carefully because you may find the solutions for your problems in it.
The firm SCRIPEA d.o.o. with the head office in Škrip on the Island of Brač is registered to do apartment and public houses managing and maintenance. The purpose of this letter is to draw your attention and gain your cofidence to take part in your apartment house managing as well as to set up the fund in order to gather reserves for maintaining mutual parts of the building. The Law of Property and the Decree of Apartment House Maintenance are the documents that regulate this part as obligatory for tenants. Besides the regulatory rules, we are pretty sure that house managing is an inevitable part of mutual interest for all tenants. Here are some useful tips in case you decide to contract an agreement with us:

  • organizing regular maintenance of mutual parts and devices in arhitectural and functional condition
  • protecting mutual parts and devices from risk
  • representing part-owners in front of Court and legislative bodies in procedures which come from managing
  • organizing urgent interventions in order to repair breakdown in mutual parts of the building
  • protecting interest of all part- owners of the apartment house
  • warning to the appropriate jobs to be done because of functional condition of the building
  • paying mutual stairway lightning
  • apartment house cleaning
  • the possibility of credit financing to perform the required work
  • other procedures that come from the contract of apartment house maintenance (deratization, putting fire extinguishers at each storey of the house, chimney sweeping etc.)

By paying reserves tenants make fund of the apartment building which is saved to a particular account and it is exclusively owned by tenants. The particular money can be used only for mutual needs with the approval of the representatives of the tenants. The amount of reserves depends on tenants´ agreement and it can vary 0,41€ – cca. 1 €/m² (3.09 – 7.53kn/m²) of the apartment per month.

We will be glad to give you any further information you are interested in, by organizing the mutual meeting of the tenants in order to answer your questions and agree on the framework of our future cooperation.
You may contact us if you need any kind of help concerning your particular apartment like a plumber, an electrician, a bricklayer, painting, cleaning, air condition maintenance, surrounding and gardening jobs. If You want more information, please contact us.

Looking forward to future cooperation,

Mirić Ivica, eng.arh.