Terms and Conditions

Statement on providing personal data via contact form to be used by Scripea Ltd:

By accepting these Terms, I give explicit consent to Scripea d.o.o., OIB: 26033757733, pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act:

  • to use all personal data, including the OIB number, which I voluntarily made available to Scripea Ltd during our business relationship
  • to transfer all personal data for processing purposes and/or provide the data to be used in the country or abroad to give reviews/responses to inquiries
  • to exchange personal data pursuant to the applicable laws in the domain of business

Furthermore, by accepting this Statement I hereby confirm that:

  • Scripea Ltd keeps personal data records
  • I am familiar with my right to withdraw my consent and prevent further processing at any time, and I am aware of all the consequences thereof
  • I am familiar with my right to correct the incorrect personal data
  • I am familiar that my personal data will be deleted upon the withdrawal of the consent or in accordance with the positive legal practice
  • Scripea Ltd uses personal data for the purpose of my identification and protection

I am aware that complaints and inquiries regarding personal data protection can be sent to the competent authority in the Personal Data Protection Agency (Croatian: AZOP) azop@azop.hr